Roof Ice & Snow Removal

Safely Steam Away

New England-ers know about snow and the associated havoc it can create on our roofs and gutters more than most. Fortunately,
Gutter Pro's Roof Protection Division can eliminate even the most stubborn ice dams and hard to reach snow that can damage your roof and create costly leaks.

Why is snow on your roof a problem? When the temperature in your attic or space just below the roof line is above freezing, accumulated snow melts and runs down the roof to your eaves and gutters, where it refreezes to create ice dams. When ice dams are created, melting water that runs down the roof gets trapped behind the dams that form in your gutters, creating pools or "ponds" that back up under the roof covering, dripping into your walls, ceilings and attic. In addition to compromising the integrity of your home's structure, water damage also provides a breeding ground for spores, mold, fungus and other organic material that's hazardous to your health.

Gutter Pro's Roof Protection Division STEAMS stubborn ice dams and snow away so your roof and gutters can do what they're supposed to: channel melting water through the gutters, down the downspout and away from your home.

The worst thing you can do to an ice dam is compromise your own safety by scaling a ladder and hammering or chiseling it. Not only does this put you in a dangerous position, it is a sure way to damage your roof and gutters. More, using corrosive solutions like calcium chloride can damage your roof and nearby plants and grass. By gently steaming the ice and snow away, the experts at Gutter Pro will leave your roof clean and intact.

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